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Chandelier - Jk054 47

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JK054-47: "Cellula" By Anthologie Quartett Modern Industrial Glass Crystal Prisms Suspension Pendant Chandelier 47 in. W x 15.75 in. H - 9 bulbs

Please note that these pieces are MADE-TO-ORDER: Pieces take 6-8 weeks to produce and deliver. In regards to assembly of this piece, you need to latch on the crystals and you are ready to install! We offer free shipping worldwide/


Shape: Bar / Linear (shown in photos)
Designer: Nunzia Carbone and Tiziano Vudafieri
Size: 47 in. Width x15.75 in. Height - 9 bulbs (63" W shown in photos)
Extension: Adjustable to12-ft.cable
Materials: Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Finish: Aluminum (Custom finishes are available at no additional cost. See photos for additional finishes.) Available in different colors as well!
Crystal: Glass crystal prisms hanging as adornment
Bulbs: 9 Incandescent bulbs E12 40 Watt bulbs (included)
Weight: 25 lbs. (for the 63" W)
Assembly: The crystals simply need to be latched on and it's ready to install! Each piece comes with easy to understand assembly instructions for your convenience.
Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes
Shipping: Free Worldwide Door-To-Door Shipping
Rush Order: 3-4 Weeks; 15% added to total
Regular Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks
Warranty: 5 Years (includes replacement parts)
Return Policy: No returns, but we offer a 30-day exchange period.
Price: $1,410 (shown in photos)

"This simple, yet dramatically modern, "Cellula" fixture glows beautifully with its gorgeous arranged crystals dangling effortlessly from the fixture. This exceptionally versatile and fun piece has a timeless flair and oozes with modern charm. This piece is no exception to that philosophy and is a stunning and chic choice for many home décor styles. In addition, it's also available in MANY colors, as shown in the photos. Most colors are available though..just inquire with the colors you are interested in and we'll work with you! Its horizontal pipe shape frame is very industrial, but when balanced with the crystals, it's pretty close to perfection. The crystals can also be moved and arranged as you'd like by simply moving them along the rod. Create a lasting impression today with the "Cellula" for then, for now, and for always."

Product description Product description
  • Origin : UNITED STATES
  • Style : Contemporary
  • Collection : Modern
  • Designer : JK054-47 Cellula
  • Date of creation : 2015
  • Price : 1410 € approx.   $
  • Ref. Fab. : Alan Mizrahi Lighting Design
  • Size. : 47" W x 15.75" H

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