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Sound control screen - Decorvox

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Selling Point

WOOL FELT SOUND-ABSORBING PANELS. Decorvox is made from 80% natural wool.
Perfect for the most refined and classic environments, but also to enhance furnishings and hi-tech devices with an elegant frame.
Designed to ensure high installation versatility, it can be applied to "difficult" surfaces, on either walls and false ceilings, creating a wide variety of unique shapes for this type of product.
16 mm fireproof MDF panel, perforated, hole D 10, 16 mm pitch, coupled with 5mm thick mixed wool felt on the visible side.
 Composition 80% wool 20% rayon.
 Density 0.30 gr/cm3,
 Counterweight 1500 g/m2
 Resistance to temperature: roughens at 100°C,
decomposition begins at 130°C
 AP 171 fireproofing treatment Category 1 (UNI 8456/8457).
 class 1 (B,s2; d0).
Mounting system: Wall Variofix Brickwall.
MDF Panel + 5 mm Felt mod. DECORVOX with air space h 260mm polyester fibre panels density 40 Kg/m3 thickness
Colour chart:
D01 dark red
D02 red
D03 orange
D04 yellow
D05 dark brown
D06 sandy
D07 dark grey
D08 light grey
D09 dark green
D10 midnight blue
D11 black

Product description Product description
  • Origin : ITALY
  • Materials : Felt, Wool
  • Style : Contemporary
  • Size. : 600x600x21 mm - 1200x600x21 mm
1 déclinaison product

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