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Open bookcase - Totem

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Totem is a beautiful library unconventional in its formal expression but of great aesthetical/functional impact and much more thanthis. Its geometrical rhythm creates effective alternation of form. Wooden structure: 35 mm thick coupled particle board panels to obtain 70 mm of thickness, multilaminar lime wood veneered "canaletto" walnut finish and varnished with acrylic products to obtain a higher surface resistance. The base is connected to the upright through threaded rods to be screwed to threaded metal inserts incorporated into the upright. Open boxes: 18 mm thick particle board panel externally coated with a 1,0 mm thick aluminium sheet and internally lacquer- coated paper, folding junctions, polyurethane varnished, polished and finished with mat polyurethane paints. The fixing to the upright of the structure is made through quick-connect "bayonet" fittings. Dimensions are: L 100 x P 40 x H 186 cm. Handcrafted in Italy, this library out of the ordinary shows perfect finishing. The use of special materials for its finishing will ensure you to hold an object that will preserve its beauty over time.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : ITALY
  • Color : Brown
  • Style : Contemporary
  • Price : 3575 € approx.   $

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