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    Delta dore Alarm - Pack transmetteur ip/gsm et détecteur vidéo tyxal+

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     Pack transmitter GSM \/ IP with dtecteur camra Delta Dore Tyxal + this pack Tydom Video system + includes a transmitter to connect alarm system + system to the GSM network and the internet. It allows to receive alerts on 6 numbers separate or alerts of events, that they are the only owner addresses. We can for example be warned every interaction with the system. If a member of the family dsarme or weapon plant, it is prvenu by a specific message. Applies to MS in the case of an intrusion of a departure of fire or an alarm of SOS. Each alert is customized as well by phone on the mobile application. The IP\/GSM transmitter and the Tydom 2.0 application can also integrate home automation connects to the system: Tyxal + illumination, thermostats, control systems in addition to the transmitter, this pack includes a dtecteur vido among the market's top performers. It works like a dtecteur of classical movement, that is to say by infrared possible.52. His possible.52 prcision allows of the experience to let flow freely pets without dclencher of alarm. In an emergency we can size prizes a doubt survey Visual gr this his integrates camra. Attention product only compatible with the range Delta Dore Tyxal + plug TECHNIQUE in association with the Central TYXAL alarm +, the pack allows the following functions: survey of doubt Visual during a visualization application intrusion distance of her home voice call or SMS in case of intrusion infrared possible.52 alerts compatible animals with the lens removable on request, monitoring distance of his home Transmission scurise by network GSM power and internet connection failure Operating instructions transmitter IP and GSM TYDOM 2.0 Delta Dore Tyxal + installation manual movement bi-lentille vido radio DMBV system Dtecteur +.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • EAN : 3513140003314

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