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Illuminated mirror - Miralite revolution

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Saint-Gobain Glass launches its SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION.
It took 3 years of close cooperation between Saint-Gobain Glass and its paint suppliers to develop this environmentally friendly product.
The result is a mirror with exceptional clarity in all phases of its life cycle.

Energy and raw materials
The composition of SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION 30% of the raw material consists of recycled glass.
1 ton of recycled glass reduces CO2 emissions by 255 to 300 kg. It also gives a 10% energy savings in glass production over a period of three years.

Health and environment
The paint applied to the backs or mirrors traditionally contains lead. Lead is a strong anti-corrosion material that is a pollutant and a health hazard. SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION is
produced without copper and without the addition of extra lead.
The natural lead concentration is lower than 50 ppm2, which is well below the threshold value imposed by the applicable legislation.
The exceptionally low emissions of volatile organic substances (VOS) and formaldehyde also make SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION a responsible interior solution that contributes to the quality of interior air. These chemical compounds are released at ambient temperatures and can cause health problems such as irritation of the eyes and respiratory diffi culties.

Durability and quality
SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION is an alternative that respects the environment with technical qualities that surpass expectations.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : FRANCE

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