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    GLASSOLUTIONS France Museum display case - Glascom vitrine

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    Saint-Gobain GLASSOLUTIONS Glascom has been active in the world of exhibition display cabinets for about 40 years. In response to orders from museums, traveling exhibitions, retail owners and individual clients, Glascom designs and produces display cabinet systems for permanent as well as changing collections and objects. The object in our glass display cabinets is always more important than the display cabinet itself. A good display cabinet enhances its contents by means of lighting and protection (conservation and security). Glascom has available standard as well as custom built display cabinets in order to fully meet every client need.Further info from manufacturer on GLASCOM VITRINE Further details Table cabinets Glascom table cabinets are especially well suited for displaying books and small objects. They allow viewers to inspect objects at very close range. Their cover is made from UV-bonded safety glass as a standard. For small cabinets that need to be opened occasionally, a glass top can be provided which can be completed lifted off (toplift). For larger cabinets, an opening side can allow access to the content (sidelift). For larger table and other cabinets that need to be opened frequently, we recommend the use of hinged cabinets. Wall cabinets This cabinet is attached to a wall structure and is ideal for displaying objects at eyelevel. The hood consists of UV-bonded safety glass. If a cabinet only needs to be opened occasionally to access contents, a lift out pane can suffice. For larger cabinets and cabinets that need to be opened regularly, we recommend hinged cabinets. These, pending design, allow for the cabinet to be opened at the top or at the side. Wall cabinets may also be built into (secure) wall structures, with the front of the cabinet placed level with the wall. Free standing cabinets Free standing cabinets can be placed either as stand-alones in a room or arranged against a wall or together for instance. These cabinets allow you to display almost any object from very large ones to extremely small ones. Glascom has developed a number of standard free standing display cabinets. You can decide on the look of these cabinets. Accessibility into the cabinet is an important issue in making a choice. Will it be opened occasionally or regularly? For occasionalopening, options of a lifting pane or lifting the complete dome may suffice. For cabinets that need to be opened regularly, we recommend a hinged cabinet or a cabinet with ball bearings. Some designs are also demountable or offer the option of later being adjusted to be made larger or smaller. For these cabinets, choices are endless. As required, Glascom can also provide tailor made cabinets. Painting showcases Glascom has two distinguished types of painting showcases for the safe exhibition of paintings. These are the Shadowbox showcase and the Art-Safe. Shadowbox showcase The shadowbox showcase has been designed to display paintings as securely and aesthetically as possible. The paintings' surrounding protecting provides minimal optical obstruction by the use of extra clear non-refective glass. There is a choice of UV-resistant laminated glass or tempered glass. Glass is cut at a mitred angle of 45 degrees and UV-bonded together. The glass top is securely fixed to the base frame. The painting is attached to the back of the showcase. If so desired, a passive climate control can be built in. Mounting holes can be applied to the back of the metal frame. This showcase is most suitable for frameless paintings. Art-Safe Glascom has developed an invisible shell for the conservation of paintings, to keep their quality intact. The Art-Safe protects paintings against air pollution, UV rays, water, smoke, extreme climate fluctuations and vandalism. By stabilizing the original picture frame, it becomes reinforced. In addition, the painting itself is protected against possible stresses resulting from the frame. The Art-Safe protects paintings not only during exhibition, but also during transport and storage. The use of a combination of durable wood and fine metal work, results in a light but strong construction. For the front, a UV resistant extra clear non-reflective safety glass can be chosen. The back features a transparent panel to maintain visibility of the back of the painting. (Insect proof) filters can also be fitted to ensure air quality. Art-Safes are not airtight as standard so that the paintings' materials (specifically wood) can maintain their natural adaption. This is most important to the conservation of the painting and also in order to prevent the creation of a micro-climate. Specials Glascom helps you realize your ideas. At an early stage we like to work closely with you to harmonize your design requirements with our techniques. Let yourself be guided by your imagination, we produce it. Wine cabinets Different wines demand different storage and consumption temperatures. Glascom produces custom made climate controlled wall units and cabinets that ensure correct wine preservation without annoying condensation on the glass. The cabinets can be segmented into different temperature zones. Over the years, Glascom has produced various made to measure wine showcase cabinets, for clients including wine retail outlets, restaurants and private individuals. These are always unique in design and required dimensions.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Aluminium

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