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    GLASSOLUTIONS France Partition wall - Mirastar

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    The layers of SGG MIRASTAR, developed based on chromium, are deposited using a cathodic sputtering technique. Unlike mirrors based on silver, SGG MIRASTAR can be toughened and exposed to damp environments for prolonged periods of time. These features considerably extend its range of possible applications. Advantages Thanks to the innovations of SGG MIRASTAR, Saint-Gobain Glass is able to offer a real advance for architects who have long been dependent on mirrors to finish off the façades of buildings or to decorate the interiors.Further info from manufacturer on MIRASTAR Further details Applications Given that it can be converted in so many ways, SGG MIRASTAR is suitable for a large range of applications, both inside and outside of buildings. It is a favourite among architects and interior decorators, practically all of whom enjoy using mirrors to transform and decorate rooms, to increase the feeling of space, and to play on the light and sense of perspective. ? Interior partitions and doors Whether toughened or laminated, SGG MIRASTAR is compatible with modern fixing systems, whether they use clamps or boring systems. ? Decorative elements Whether sanded or enamelled, SGG MIRASTAR acts as a decorative element in its own right. ? Baths, showers and covered pools SGG MIRASTAR is almost immune to oxidation and suitable for fitting out areas subject to high levels of moisture or which require treatment with large quantities of detergent for disinfection purposes. ? One-way mirrors SGG MIRASTAR has a very low level of transparency and, when fitted in a low-light room, allows you to observe the interior of a room more clearly without being seen. From the lighter side of the room, the wall looks just like a conventional mirror. ? Shops, salons and showrooms The use of SGG MIRASTAR in commercial premises brings a feeling of originality to the overall design. ? Façades SGG MIRASTAR is perfect for use in façades as a filler element. In façade facings, a toughened version of the glass can be built into pinned external glazing (PEG).


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Glass, Chrome

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