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    GLASSOLUTIONS France Office partition - Clip in

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    CLIP-IN is a system of modular glazed partitions, of any height, which connect edge-to-edge, without the use of adhesives. The principle consists of grooving the glass at the edge. The "dovetail" shaping allows the joints to be clipped into the glass sheets so that they can then be assembled. The standard of finish of the CLIP-IN partitions is excellent. The ultra-slim joints between the panes and in the corners allow a maximum of natural light to enter. As a partition, CLIP-IN can be used as a single or a double skin, depending on the level of sound insulation required. As easy to dismantle as it is to assemble, CLIP-IN facilitates partition installation and allows you to lay out the space to suit customer requirements. CLIP-IN offers users superior levels of comfort. This innovation, patented by Saint-Gobain, offers new possibilities when it comes to arranging your office space. It is opening the way to a new generation of partitions. CLIP-IN is composed of two elements : Glass panels ; Tough silicon joints. The CLIP-IN range includes : SGG PLANILUX, clear glass ; SGG DIAMANT, ultra-clear glass ; SGG PARSOL, body-coloured glass ; SGG SATINOVO MATE, acid-etched glass ; SGG STADIP SILENCE Range of sound-proof doors available. The main formats used are: 10mm and 12mm toughened, 66.2 and 88.2 SGG STADIP SILENCE (see national standards).


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Glass

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