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Private lift - Lite floor

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LITE-FLOOR usually consists of:
- a minimum of two load-bearing components. LITE-FLOOR consists of two or more glass layers with one or more polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers;
- a protective glass which may include a coating designed to improve antislip properties.
All components are laminated.

LITE-FLOOR is designed solely for use by people. It is not intended to carry permanent loads. It can be used in various environments: home, offices, retail museums, hotels, restaurants etc...

Interior applications:
\u0007 glass flooring for all types of environment
\u0007 stairs
\u0007 ceiling
\u0007 podiums
\u0007 mezzanines
\u0007 terraces
\u0007 lifts

Exterior applications:
\u0007 glass flooring with thermal isolation (assembled in DGU) CLIMAPLUS
\u0007 LITE FLOOR can be made from Eglas heating glass to provide a snow-melting function.

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LITE-FLOOR - Advantages

\u0007 Visual comfort

Natural light has been proven to have a positive effect on health and comfort in numerous types of environment. Moreover, utilizing natural light can lead to substantial energy savings on electric lighting. Bringing in natural light also provides a greater feeling of space. Depending on its composition LITE-FLOOR can provide a level of light transmission of up to 75%.

\u0007 High level of safety

LITE-FLOOR is made from laminated safety glass and tempered glass which comply with European standards EN ISO 12543 and EN ISO 12150. The glass units still adhere to the interlayer film if cracks or even if breakages occur, therefore the LITE FLOOR will still support the same loads if one layer is broken.

\u0007 Excellent anti-slip performance

The anti-slip function can be achieved in different manners:

- Application of enamels (XTRAGRIP)

- Acid etched glass


\u0007 Thermal comfort

In its CLIMAPLUS version, LITE-FLOOR is assembled in DGU to maintain high thermal isolation especially in exterior applications.

For heating and snow-melting functions, LITE FLOOR can be made with EGlas or THERMOVIT. THERMOVIT LITE FLOOR offers a wider variety of shapes with holohedral warming, is available in neutral colours and does not require a transformer.

\u0007 Acoustic comfort

LITE-FLOOR offers excellent acoustic performance. Depending on its composition, noise reduction varies from 41dB (88.2) to 52dB (191919.4)*.

\u0007 Wide range of quality design

- Coloured screenprinting

- Insertion of coloured PVB interlayer

- Use of patterned acid etched glass

LITE-FLOOR can be made with all types of laminated glass, Priva-Lite switchable glass, EGlas heating glass, Texglass, Pictureit etc.

\u0007 Fire protection

For fire-protection, LITE FLOOR can be made from CONTRAFLAM glass. Click here for more information.

\u0007 Easy cleaning

LITE-FLOOR is designed to facilitate cleaning in order to maintain transparency.

*results obtained from numerical simulation according to EN 140 717-1


\u0007 Composition

The composition of the flooring units varies according to several parameters:

- the application location;

- the dimensions;

- the loads applied;

- the aesthetic effect sought.

The load-bearing glass elements will sustain the loads indicated, even if one of them is accidentally broken.

The size-related factors are based on national recommendations, and in particular the results of a specific study.

The type of glass to be used depends on the number and type of the supports, the length to width ratio (L/W) and the type of building in which the flooring is being fitted, which will determine the safety levels required.

Two safety levels are specified:

\u0007 Normal safety: any low occupation density application (private homes and the like) and a potential fall height of lower than 1.5 m.

\u0007 Reinforced safety: any high occupation density application (public buildings) and/or a potential fall height of greater than 1.5 m.

Anti-slip properties

The XTRAGRIP system can offer all levels of anti-slip performance from a coefficient of friction of 25 up to 65. Compared to its competitors, LITE FLOOR XTRAGRIP offers the same anti-slip performance with a lower coverage rate, thus offering a higher level of transparency and light transmission.

LITE-FLOOR - Processing

The maximum weight per panel is 1,000 kg. The way the LITE-FLOOR flooring and staircase units are edge-worked reduces the likelihood of breakage during transportation and installation. Visible edges can be polished while concealed edges may simply be ground.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : FRANCE

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