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    Nya Nordiska Decorative Glass Panel - Timeless Beauty captured in Glass.

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    Timeless Beauty captured in Glass.

    Nya Nordiska has an unique reputation for creating space using its textile design flair. With our product line Nya Walls we combine outstanding textile design with high-tech material innovation. It is all about developing ambitious new ideas for interior design. After launching our inimitable wall panels with a surpassing detailed weaving structure in 2011, now we are proud to present some thing absolutely new: Tex Glass® - a unique fusion of textiles and glass. A collection of 23 extraordinary laminated glass designs have been created in partnership with Glassolutions, Saint-Gobain, an established international glass expert. Based upon their technical know how, Tex Glass® can be used as partitions, doors, balustrades, shop windows, table tops or shelves. This new material allows us to enjoy Nya Textiles in a new, exciting and innovative way ? timeless beauty captured in glass. Tex Glass® a product of Glassolutions, Saint-Gobain, and Nya Nordiska - a fusion of innovative materials and international partnership.


    • Origin : GERMANY

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