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Moree - Luminescent Coffee table-Moree-Studio 45 Indoor

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Luminescent coffee table - Studio 45 indoor

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Selling Point

The first square model of Moree impressed with a design for the self-conscious: studio, a light table in four heights, consists of a swing-like appearance plate element with rounded corners and a massive table leg with the brushed stainless steel. Whether coffee table, dining table for 4 or bar table ? Studio conquers rooms by strong form and function. The plate lights all around and, depending on model, white (normal lamp) or in addition, in all colors of light (LED). Who at home, wants to put in the meeting room in the VIP lounge or stylish event, representative and colored futuristic accents will love this table. The quality of materials from ABS hochglanzbeschichtetem, included table top made of glass and brushed stainless steel is touch and visually, an experience. Studio 36 and 45 are the best tables at ultra-modern retro as well as reduced-classic upholstery and lounge seating. Studio 75 offers a height for comfortable dining and seating for four people. It is also ideal for meetings in an exclusive setting, e.g. in the executive office. Studio 105 convinces with ?red-carpet qualities.? The bar table shows the design variation of the luminous tabletop especially beautiful from all sides. Placed in entrance areas, or on opening ceremony visitors enjoy soft light bathed cocktails, snacks and small talk. Studio is available in all heights as indoor as well as an outdoor version. In addition, an LED Accu variant. The tables also come with LED with a remote control, for intensity, color and play of lights are individually selectable. Studio is made in Germany.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : GERMANY
  • Style : Design
  • Price : 859 € approx.   $
  • EAN : 4260218361089

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