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Mirror - Belize

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Selling Point

One of the world's most beautiful coral reefs is located in Belize. Filled with life in different colors and shapes, it rejoices in harmony with the surrounding ambience. It's in this harmony and in the different forms of life that BELIZE Round Mirror was inspired. In a contemporary or modern home decor, the exposed small brass details on the burgundy round mirror stand not just as a symbol of the variety of life forms, but also as a symbol of elegance, as the texture and color blend perfectly to give a natural finishing touch. BELIZE is the round mirror for a contem- porary or modern home decor that attends to reflect nature in one of its most elegant ways.

Product description
  • Origin : PORTUGAL
  • Materials : Brass, Mirror
  • Color : Red bordeaux
  • Style : Contemporary
  • Designer : BRABBU STUDIO
  • Date of creation : 2016

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