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    Mariage Freres Tea Filter

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    The tea taster™ filter is ideal for perfect preparation of the best teas. In order not to mix the flavors, it is important to have different filters for each type of tea: for green teas, white teas, black teas, smoked teas, flavoured teas... 1 - put the tea in the teapot filter and boil the kettle and the filter 2 - put the recommended amount of tea in the filter 3 - pour over the hot water at the right temperature 4 - after infusion, stir, remove the filter and use the flexibility of the cotton allows the leaves to fully develop and release the delicious aromas of tea during the infusion. Astute, the tea taster filter can be removed in a snap with wide handle and reused at will. It is available in the following sizes to fit all models of teapots: N ° 1: Ø 7 cm - N ° 2: Ø 9.50 cm - N ° 3: Ø 11 cm


    • Origin : FRANCE

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