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TÄLJSTEN - Plate coaster-TÄLJSTEN-Varm O Kall

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Plate coaster - Varm o kall

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A heating or cooling table mat, the Täljsten's Varm o Kall stone offers the dual quality of being able to keep your dishes and drinks significantly warm or cool either at the table or in the kitchen. Elegant and made of natural soapstone, this original and innovative accessory quickly becomes something you can no longer do without. In the microwave or in the oven to keep warm all your sauces, cheeses, petit fours, quiches, hot drinks (tea, coffee). In the freezer to stop sorbets from melting,  to keep milk products and fruit juices cool and will ensure that your starters stay nice and fresh.

Product description Product description
  • Color : Grey
  • Designer : Rolf Berggrund
  • Date of creation : 1998

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