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Dimpel - Soft toy-Dimpel-Noann

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Soft toy - Noann

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Selling Point

882908 Dimpel NOANN 20 blue bear Z20-S30
882921 Dimpel NOANN 25 blue bear Z25-S35

882934 Dimpel NOANN DOUDOU blue bear doudou D37-H27
882947 Dimpel NOANN TUTTIE blue bear doudou with dummy loop H25

882960 Dimpel NOANN 20 pink bear Z20-S30
882973 Dimpel NOANN 25 pink bear Z25-S35

882986 Dimpel NOANN DOUDOU pink bear doudou D37-H27
882999 Dimpel NOANN TUTTIE pink bear doudou with dummy loopH25 

Product description Product description
  • Designer : Dimpel
  • Date of creation : 2016

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