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    Bultex Fixed sprung base - Bultex sommier double tapissier confort médium 3

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    1684 € approx. $

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    One day or maybe overnight, Bultex revolutionized the material by inventing one sleep. The Big Bang Bultex took place in 1984, with the creation of a new polyurethane foam and able to marry the body made up of millions of cells. Therefore, the conquest of a comfort always stronger, more accurate, became a challenge.

    Technology to nanotechnology, in 40 years, researchers Bultex never ceased to innovate, to work and to improve the sleep.
    material When BULTEX revolutionizes its legendary material is whole sleep which in turned.

    Today ' today we want decorative box with pretty faces of bed springs and design feet because the bed is now considered to be an element of decoration full. Bultex understood by revisiting the classic mattress.

    This box spring double upholsterer BULTEX will offer a comfort medium and a basin area strengthened for the fragile quality impeccable.
    Technical specifications
    - Reference: Double mattress comfort medium BULTEX.
    - comfort: medium
    - spring technology: slats flexible.
    - morphological box 3 areas, area basin strengthened.
    - mattress height: 15 cm
    - fabric tray: micro-vented and anti-slip. 100% polyester
    - filling.: high density.
    - Entourage: solid wood.
    - Suspension: 2 x 14 slats multiply wooden massive (140 * 190 cm).
    - 4 masses of angle in beech massive.
    - central reinforcement from 100 cm. wide
    - feet : bright chrome steel.
    - Set of 2 plates of link included velcro.
    - Finish: taupe way leather coated fabric.

    Warranty: mattress guaranteed for 5 years by Bultex. When SAV Bultex agrees to make the Exchange or repair as best as possible. Mattress guaranteed for 7 years so you buy the mattress of the same brand. This is in a period of less than 3 months. your entire warranty becomes so 5-7 years.

    Size mattress:
    - width: 2 * 90 cm or 180 cm.
    - height: 15 cm.
    - length: 200 cm.
    - base height: 15.5 cm

    Dimensions (cm): L180 x H31 x P200


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • EAN : 3663556208923
    • Size. : HxLxP:180x200x31cm

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