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Modern rug - Yagua

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Yagua people are an indigenous people from Colombia and northeastern Peru. Their name originates either from the Quechua term yawar meaning 'the color of blood', possibility due to the Yagua custom of painting their faces with achiote, the blood red seeds of a local plant, or from the term yagua in Spanish meaning 'royal palm'. This word could have been applied to the Yaguas by the Spanish explorers because much of the native clothing is made of palm fiber. These strong character features are represented in BRABBU's YAGUA tencel rug, and its fierce rock like pattern and light grey hues. The perfect complement for any modern home decor. Relieve the ancient Yagua traditions in your living room area thanks to Yagua tencel rug.

Product description
  • Origin : PORTUGAL
  • Materials : Wool
  • Color : Blue
  • Designer : BRABBU STUDIO
  • Date of creation : 2015
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