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    THE THIN GOLD LINE Art print - The full collection

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    477 € approx. $

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    The Full Collection

    Art print, Hot gold foil stamping, Poster, Print Full Cinematic Collection - All four art prints, each of them signed with the first number available. I. The Dark Side- Art print inspired by Star Wars which expresses the opposition between light and darkness, iconically expressed through the saga of Darth Vader. II/IV The Red Pill- Art print inspired by The Matrix which manifests the opposition between reality and illusion. III. The Final Frontier- Art print inspired by Star Trek which expresses humanity's desire to grow and conquer new frontiers. IV/IV. The One Ring- Art print inspired by The Lord of the Ring which expresses the battle between light and darkness that finally resolves with the victory of Light and Good. PROCESS Hot Gold Foil Stamping, Slight Debossing MATERIALS 370gsm Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black Paper - the world's blackest paper, high quality paper from Fedrigoni (printing house since 1717) Kurz Luxor Gold Foil - the finest gold foil used by luxury brands given its quality and uniformity LIMITED EDITION Each art print is part of a limited edition of 325 pieces. They are hand signed and hand numbered in gold. Each art print also comes with a welcome pack and a Certificate of Authenticity sealed with black wax. TAGS art print, poster, hot foil stamping, gold, ring, The Lord of the Ring, Star Trek, The matrix, Star Wars,minimalism, minimalist, interior design, limited edition, Wall decor, wall art, art, print, black.


    • Origin : SWITZERLAND
    • Style : Contemporary
    • Collection : Full Cinematic Collection
    • Designer : The Thin Gold Line
    • Date of creation : 2017
    • Size. : 27.6 x 39.4 (in) 70 x 100 (cm

    The entire collection of THE THIN GOLD LINE