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    Quart De Poil' Display Shelf

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    This cardboard display stands in the form of a 10-pointed candlestick which allows to position suspended objects (jewellery garlands, samples...). Model deposited. To be used on a table or counter using the 6 branches of the top or suspended thanks to its 4 perforations, which allows to use also the 4 branches of the bottom. Supplied flat it is composed of 3 elements forming the 10 branches per nest, locked by 2 washers. Without gluing it can be mounted and dismantled at will. Materials: Two 100% recycled environmentally friendly finishes (Compact Brown or celloderme stained with smoke black). This monomaterial product is fully recyclable. French manufacturing. Weight: Compact Kraft 120 gr/Anthracite Grey 150 gr. Product in stock in 2 finishes: in compact Kraft and in anthracite Grey celloderme.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Designer : Audrey BATACCHI.

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