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    Quart De Poil' Armchair

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    This chair is a cardboard cabinet made up of 2 cardboard plates, it is mountable, removable and reusable, easily transportable, comfortable and sturdy. Ultralight product in technically resistant quality material contributing to good durability. Comfort: Softness of the cardboard to the touch and sensation of warmth of an isothermal material which, containing two thicknesses of weakly conductive air, gives you your warmth. The slight elasticity of the cardboard makes possible an extended stay. The proportions of this cardboard seat favour a good position, which has the favour of physiotherapists. Seat height: 35 cm. Patented system and model deposited. Solidity: Its seat forming a triangular beam supports approximately 200 Kg. Materials: Corrugated double-grooved cardboard made with water adhesives and 85% to 100% recycled fibres. This single-material cardboard armchair is fully recyclable. Environment: Very light furniture pre-folded and packaged flat, its volume is minimised up to 90%, thus reducing the CO2 emissions associated with transport. Very good communication medium. Praseetha manufacture with sturdy Kraft carton. In stock: packaged either by 1 (95 x 75 x 5.5 cm-3.7 kg), or by 4 (95 x 76 x 12 cm-11.1 kg), or by 3 with a round coffee table (Salon Kit 95 x 76 x 12 cm-10.2 kg).


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Cardboard
    • Designer : Olivier LEBLOIS

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