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    CEADESIGN Fan - Ariachiara

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    ARIACHIARA combines multiple layers of air stratification with air purification, lighting and music. Purifying the air through an ionization and ozonation system means breaking down virus, bacteria, allergens, carbon monoxide (PM 2.5 and PM 10) and odors (e.g. smoke) from the environment, thus purifying the air you breathe and improving the sense of well-being. Ideal in environments of conviviality, ARIACHIARA was created to also perform the function of diffused light emitted by an LED system at 4000 degrees Kelvin (natural daylight) and at the same time suffused, almost as a courtesy light, to support punctual lighting in the rooms. In light, it is also possible to combine music, always with a background function, designed to accompany every moment of relaxation. Light and audio system in Bluetooth mode are included in the ceiling light. The product range also includes lighting fixtures, with sound system and air purification included, to be added to the fan to complete the luminous setting of the rooms.


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Stainless steel, Oak
    • Color : Natural
    • Style : Contemporary
    • Designer : Natalino Malasorti

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