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    BILLARDS CHEVILLOTTE French billiard table - Guyenne

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    It rules over all it surveys. The character and elegance of its curves make the Guyenne an uncompromising favorite in terms of looks and playing quality. Inspired from the Louis Philippe Style, Guyenne offers the performances of a great pool table and the guaranty of a great piece of cabinetry due to the warmth and the nobility of the old solid French walnut. Finish: Solid Aged French Walnut with Old Waxed Patina Option : Imitation Antique with Old Patina Finish Game Modes : Carom, American (pockets or ball return system), Mixed carom/American, 8 Pool, Snooker or Russian Pyramid.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Walnut, Distressed wood
    • Style : Classic
    • Date of creation : 2005

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