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    DECOWOOD DESIGN Gazebo - Calluna

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    Option 1 - external dimensions 3,00 m x 3,00 m, height 2,76 m; internal dimensions 2,54 m x 2,56 m, height 2,12 m (2,61 m in the gable) ? Option 2 - external dimensions 3,93 m x 3,93 m, height 2,98 m; internal dimensions 3,35 m x 3,35 m, height 2,12 m (2,83 m in the gable). The cabin structure strengthened with additional pillars. ? On three walls at the bottom there are panel modules with geometric pattern inspired by the square shape ? On the fourth wall there are only two panel modules on the outside providing access to the cabin ? A perspex cupola on the roof top ? Assembly time for two persons is about 2-3 hours ? Optional bar (gazebo 3,00 m x 3,00 m) ? panel modules on two walls; multi-purpose bar fitted on the third; counter width - 0,35 m; includes 3 bar stools that may be put outside the bar; fourth wall open.


    • Origin : POLAND
    • Date of creation : 2007

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