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HEMISFERIUM - Nautical object-HEMISFERIUM-Miniature Abaque de marées

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Nautical object - Miniature abaque de marées

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Tide Computer Miniature

This piece is a replica of a Nocturnal and Tidal Abacus from 1570, signed by Humphrey Cole. Currently this instrument can be found in the British Museum, London. One of its faces is a Tidal Abacus and the other is a Nocturnal.

The abacus or tidal calculator is used to figure the time of the tides. The tides, with their constant change in the water level, greatly affect navigation both in harbors and for fishing.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : SPAIN
  • Style : Gothic
  • Designer : Hemisferium
  • Date of creation : 2008
  • Price : 32 € approx.   $

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