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Edengarden - Offset umbrella-Edengarden-Talento Steel

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Offset umbrella - Talento steel

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Talento Steel is a revised version of the side pole patio umbrella Talento.
This solution is especially suited to all types of alternative anchors to the concrete basement and walls. In fact, Talent Steel is designed to ensure a better adapting to the needs of external shading of platforms, terraces, gardens and all spaces unfit to the presence of concrete base.
Indeed, the possibility of creating the anchors on request (wall,ground or platform bracket ) instead of concrete bases helps placing the umbrella in natural and elegant way.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : ITALY
  • Materials : Galvanized steel, Fabric, Lacquered steel
  • Style : Arts & Crafts
  • Date of creation : 2008
  • Price : 1580 € approx.   $
  • Ref. Fab. : EdenGarden srl

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