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MIO - Desk lamp-MIO

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Desk Lamp

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Trask Lamp

Jaime Salm, Roger Allen

The Trask Lamp is a flat-packed, LED light source. Sculpt Trask Lamp into table, task, or track lighting - whatever suits your space! Trask Lamp makes LED lighting affordable and truly customizable. Developed as a follow up to our Bendant Lamp, Trask Lamp takes efficiency one-step further in using LED as a light source.

The Trask Lamp is a true example of eco-centric design. Its size, shape, light source, and packaging were all chosen based on material and manufacturing efficiencies. In addition, this lamp welcomes the user as co-designer, pushing the boundaries of design and self-assembly.

Length: 42.35 in / 107.5 cm
4 in / 10 cm Max.
Desktop Cord Length: 70 in / 1.7 m (Switch @ 60 in / 1.5 m from plug)

Approximately 350 lumens, depending on configuration

Color Options
Silver, White and Chartreuse

Environment / Social
Recycled Content + Recyclable + Environmentally Preferable Finish

Laser-cut, powder-coated steel, LED strips and electrical components.

Trask Lamp takes the efficiency of LED lighting and blends it with flexibility. Manufactured to ship flat, maximize material yield and eliminate cutting waste, the Trask Lamp is a truly eco-centric design. Inviting the user to participate as co-designer, the Trask Lamp redefines the relationship between a product and its user. This lamp functions as a catalyst in establishing a dialogue about the virtues and opportunities in locally made and sustainable products.

The Trask body is made in the United States. The manufacturing location was selected for its proximity to
our studio as well as for its manufacturing practices and labor conditions.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : GERMANY

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