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    Silikomart Ice Mold

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    11.90 € approx. $



    The new ice-cream moulds by Silikomart make freshness concrete. The new flower-shaped ice-cream mould by Silikomart is available in three different colours - green, red and transparent - perfect to create easily homemade ice-creams and natural ice lollipops with fruit, milk, yoghurt or any other ingredient. Fun for the youngest and practicality for the elder are the most surprising characteristics of this new product made of 100% safe liquid silicone. The new mould allows to create infinite different combinations of colour and taste since it can be used over and over again. Recommendation: Before putting the mould in the freezer, check that the cap is perfectly closed to avoid the content to spill. Instructions for use: 1. Fill the mould 2. Close the cap 3. Put it in the freezer 4. Taste it


    • Origin : ITALY

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