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    GRIGOLITE Exterior mosquito net - Fafina

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    174 € approx. $



    Open space mosquito net The support is flexible, telescopic and light; it can be firmly fixed to ground thanks to a peg, and as alternative an adapter for beach umbrella base can be supplied as optional. The veil is conic and wide, and can be held steady by pins or fishing leads (optional) if there's wind or to widen the base. It stays in a vertical shoulder bag, easy to transport. Conic Veil Measures: cm 55 (top diameter) x 260 (height) x 1250 (base circumference) Material: 100% polyester Denier: 40 D Colour: white Panels: 6 + 1 Opening: 1 Rings: 2 in metal, 1 external and 1 internal Circle Frame Measures: diameter cm 65 Material: plastified metal that can be rolled up to disassemble Colour: white Support Measures: cm 280 (closed cm 112,5) Material: VTR Colour: matt metallized light grey Peg: cm 50 in zinced metal + green PVC tube + insets in alder or beech wood treated for outdoor Ropes Measures: cm 80 Material: polyester Colour: white Assembling pieces: 5 Clips: 5 Pins Measures: cm 18 Material: zinced metal Pieces: 4 Leads Weight: g 80/100 Material: lead with non-toxic plasticization Pieces: 1 Quality Bag Measures: cm 120 x 30 Material: non woven fabric Colour: green


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Polyester
    • Color : White
    • Date of creation : 2009

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