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    Alnor Anti Finger Pinch Guard Strip

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    THE FINGER SAVER SELF ADHESIVE AND ARTICULED / SAFETY DEVICE MAXI self adhesive and articulated is a safety device specially designed to prevent such accidents Once in place, children can no longer get their fingers caught when the door closes The FINGER SAVER protectors are very resistant, tested on 132 000 openings without deterioration Fireproof M1 The protector can easily be attached to your doors and frameworks with its strong adhesive The advantage of this anti-grip-fingers compared to the existing systems : its design is undeformable under the pressure of the fingers guaranteeing maximum protection. Designed for doors opening at 90° - 180° Quick and easy to fit without damaging your door. Held in place by a strong adhesive, it fills the space between the door and door frame preventing little fingers from being crushed. Size HEIGHT 1m40 or 1m70 2m00 - white width 11 cm and NEW WIDTH - KING SIZE 17,5 cm


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Date of creation : 2009
    • Ref. Fab. : ALNOR

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