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    ITALY DREAM DESIGN 3 seater sofa - Hawaii

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    3990 € approx. $

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    This beautiful 3 seater sofa made in the pure Italian tradition is striking for its simplicity and its cured finishes. Perfectly straight, it will affect the great fans of the classic design. Indeed, it is inspired by master Le Corbusier sofas. It consists of 8 perfectly rectangular cushions that are enclosed by a chromed steel frame. The frame covers the cushions to form a symmetrical design on the backrest and armrests and it ends to form the 7 feet that support the couch. It's filled with polyurethane foam of density 30. 35% of the polyurethane is crushproof, so ensuring undisturbed over time its characteristics of lift, elasticity and resistance. You will have a comfortable couch, but at the same time the cushions will retain their shape. It can be coated with various types of leather in different colors. It will marvellously integrate all design and contemporary environments.


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Leather, Chrome metal plated
    • Style : Design

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