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Robert C. NOORTMAN - Oil on canvas and oil on panel-Robert C. NOORTMAN

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Oil On Canvas And Oil On Panel

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JERONYMUS VAN DIEST (The Hague 1631 - The Hague 1677-97)

Oil on canvas: 92 x 111 cm/ 36 1/4 x 43 3/4 inches

Signed with initials lower left: 'IVD'
Although today hardly a household-name like Van Diest was a highly successful marine specialist in his own day and still holds a unique position in Dutch seventeenth-century marine painting. He treated a variety of subgenres, including beach scenes, seascapes and river-views. All of them demonstrate his keen observing eye, not only in the truthful rendering of the atmosphere, but also in the depiction of the seemingly endless array of shipping with their characteristic rigging. The subject of the present marine painting is a so-called fluitschip in a choppy sea. These ships were the most commonly used trading vessels with three masts. Further in the distance to the left, we see two East Indiamen. Smaller vessels are scattered across the sea. Creamy cumulus clouds cast dark shadows on the water surface and are eloquently set off against the azure sky.

With D. Katz, Dieren
Sale, The Hague (Van Marle & Bignell), undated (according to RKD file)
Sale, Munich (Weinmüller), 8 March 1978, no. 1271, ill.
Sale, Munich (Neumeister), 20 March 1996, no. 421, illustrated in colour
With Noortman Gallery, Maastricht & London
Private collection, Netherlands

Artist biography:
Jeronymus van Diest was the son of the painter Willem van Diest, who also painted marines. He presumably studied with his father. In 1654 he joined the Oranje Vaandel civic guard company in his native The Hague. The next year he married Catharina van der Hegge. Their son Adriaen would also become an artist. After his wife died, Van Diest married in 1666 Dina Leemans. In the years 1672 and 1673 he served as headman of the painters? guild in The Hague.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : NETHERLANDS

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