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Robert C. NOORTMAN - Oil on canvas and oil on panel-Robert C. NOORTMAN

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Oil On Canvas And Oil On Panel

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LIEVE VERSCHUIER (Rotterdam circa 1634 - Rotterdam 1686)

A Coastal Scene with Fishermen
Oil on panel: 33 x 40 cm/ 13 x 15 3/4 inches

Signed and indistinctly dated lower centre: 'Verschuier'

As the setting sun is about to disappear behind the horizon, a golden light floods the sea yonder. In the foreground, which is already veiled in twilight, two fishermen unload an ox-drawn cart under a cloudy sky. On the right a fishing boat lies moored with the lonely silhouette of a boatman. More shipping is to be observed in the middle distance. Their masts reach up and punctuate the sky.

Lieve Verschuier mostly painted quiet harbour and estuary views furnished with shipping. In these marine scenes the artist usually included the setting sun from which a powerful and strongly concentrated light evolves. This motif provided a pretext to indulge in capturing the most wonderful of atmospheric effects. Verschuier?s palette of silvery greys, relieved by scarce touches of blue between the clouds expresses this dramatic charge of the coastal scene. Because of these qualities Verschuier?s seascapes have often been compared to Claude Lorrain, whose work he indeed could have studied during his Italian sojourn. However, while Lorrain?s landscapes deliberately forge an idyllic sense of beauty, Verschuier remains a true observer of nature. Typical for Verschuier is the way he paints the waves on the water surface, marking the crests with meticulously rendered dashes of light. The feeling of vastness as the eye travels across the endless expanse of the sea is overwhelming.

Private collection, U. S. A.

Artist biography:
Lieve Verschuier was the son of the Rotterdam woodcarver Pieter Cornelis Verschuier, who mainly received decorative commissions from the Rotterdam Admiralty. Lieve initially followed his father?s profession but after a while left for Amsterdam. He lived there for some time before 1652 and possibly trained in nearby Weesp with the Rotterdam born Simon de Vlieger, who also taught Willem van de Velde the Younger during that period. Around 1655, Verschuier travelled to Italy in the company of the Utrecht portrait painter Johan van der Meer. He had returned to Rotterdam by 1656, where he married Catharina Akershoeck and where he would stay for the rest of his life. In 1674 Verschuier became the Rotterdam Admiralty?s official sculptor and painter, just like his father had been and in 1678 he was dean of the Rotterdam guild of

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  • Origin : NETHERLANDS

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