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Robert C. NOORTMAN - Oil on canvas and oil on panel-Robert C. NOORTMAN

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Oil On Canvas And Oil On Panel

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PAUL CEZANNE (Aix-en-Provence 1839 - Aix-en-Provence 1906)

Paysage d?hiver
Oil on canvas: 58.8 x 72.5 cm/ 23 1/8 x 28 1/2 inches

Paul Cézanne is one of the most important French painters of the second half of the nineteenth century and often called the founder of modern art. Picasso remarked about Cézanne: ?Hardly has he applied a spot of colour, and the painting is right there?. Picasso discerningly addresses the quintessence of Cézanne?s own view on the concepts of finished and unfinished, ideas which are necessary to understand the artist?s late modern work and the present painting in particular. Cézanne himself made no secret about it: ?I have to work constantly, but not in order to arrive at finish, which attracts the admiration of imbeciles?. His search was aimed at finding the absolute artistic solution to the problem he was wrestling with. There is good reason to suppose that Cézanne deliberately left the painting in its present ?unfinished? state because he was satisfied with the result, feeling that he had captured the essence of the motif in a sensation of order. Although even Cézanne?s friends sometimes marvelled about the number of works the artist to their taste left ?unfinished?, his abandonment of the principle of covering the entire canvas with colour as linked to the idea of ?completed? determined the development of painting in the early twentieth century.

The present painting was owned by the great art dealer and publisher Ambroise Vollard (1867 - 1939). Vollard was the man who believed in Cézanne from the first moment he set eyes on his paintings in the shop of Père Tanguy. In 1895 he was the first to mount a comprehensive one-man exhibition devoted to Cézanne, of 150 paintings. This was also Vollard?s first major feat as a dealer. In the course of the following years Vollard built up a large stock of paintings by Cézanne. The present work was in Vollard?s estate at his death.

Both Lionello Venturi and John Rewald dated the present work to circa 1885. However, stylistically it is also close to winter scenes securely datable to the mid 1890s, which are similarly unfinished. It is especially enlightening to compare our painting with Cézanne?s winter landscape painted in Giverny and preserved in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which may represent the same motif. The latter picture was painted in the autumn of 1894 during a visit at Monet?s invitation. Cézanne stayed at the Baudry Inn at Giverny between 30 September until a

Product description Product description
  • Origin : NETHERLANDS
  • Designer : PAUL CEZANNE

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