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Metalmek - Hanging lamp-Metalmek-Cup

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Hanging lamp - Cup

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Production materials and methods
Suspended fitting in sheet steel, painted with
SOLVENT FREE, RAL 9006 metallised grey epoxy
polyester powders, thermosetting at 180°C, after phosphate treatment.

Wiring components mounted on a corrosion-proof galvanised sheet metal plate.

Suspension by means of a steel cable of upto 1,80 m.,
with premounted micrometric regulation device.

Premounted electrical cable with transparent sheath, 2P+T with caps.

- solid sheet steel (vers. CP)
- microperforated sheet steel (vers. CF)

Two spacers separate the wiring house from the reflector.

- in prismatic transparent methacrylate
(vers. RMT300/400)
- in prismatic transparent methacrylate with metallized internal finish (vers. RMV300/400)

- in smooth matt anodized aluminium (vers. RAL300)
- in matt anodised aluminium with circular sectors (vers.
- in faceted matt anodized aluminium (vers. RAS400)

Protection shields
- in transparent methacrylate (vers. SMT300/400) with steel clip
- in tempered glass (vers. SVT300/400) with a
"uniblock" holding ring and handle.

Regulations CEI EN 60598-1; CEI 34-21.

Directives 89/336/CEE; 73/23/CEE (and subsequent modifications); B.T. 2006/95/CE.


- terminal with fuse
- further colours
- dimmable feeding (if possible)

Product description Product description
  • Origin : ITALY
  • Materials : Aluminium, Stainless steel, Methacrylate
  • Color : Grey
  • Style : Contemporary

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