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Jacque's Antiques - Hot plate-Jacque's Antiques

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Antique Antique

Hot Plate

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Pair of Regency Sheffield fused Plate Warming Dishes
Pair of old Sheffield entrée dishes and hot water stand raised on acanthus and scrolled feet. Once the removable handle is off the cover, the underside of the lid becomes a matching dish for the bottom piece. Lion?s masks and foliate handle atop cover itself with crest and motto ?Ich Dien, Royal Fusilers, Welch? (see provenance P.S.)

Each dish has 5 removable parts, including the handle. Very good condition except for heavy scratches on the inside dishes below the cover. One of the covers has visible copper patches. Dimensions: 13?W x 8?.5D x 9?H.
P.S.: The Royal Welch Fusiliers was a regiment of the British Army, part of the Prince of Wales ? Division. It was founded in 1689 to oppose James II and the imminent war with France . The Regiment was numbered as the 23rd Regiment of Foot, though it was one of the first regiments to be granted the honor of a fusilier title and so was known as the Welch Regiment of Fusiliers from 1702. The ?Royal? accolade was earned fighting in the War of the Spanish Succession in 1713. It is one of the oldest regiments in the regular army, hence the archaic spelling of the word Welch instead of Welsh. In the Boer War and throughout World War I, the army officially called the regiment ?The Royal Welsh Fusiliers? but the archaic ?Welch? was officially restored to the Regiment?s title in 1920 under Army Order No 56. During those decades, the regiment itself unofficially used the ?Welch? form. As of 2004, it was one of the five infantry regiments never to have been amalgamated in its entire history.

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  • Style : Regency

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