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    Prefabricados De Hormigon Baluster - Paris

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    The line of balusters SERIE-650 TOP is the high end of the mythical SERIE-650 by SAS. The PARIS baluster creates particularly elegant walling in fences, balconies, terraces or stair ramps. The PARIS baluster is manufactured without reinforcement bars and with cutting-edge pre-manufacturing techniques, which means it will never be affected by adverse atmospheric conditions such as breakage through oxidation or freezing. These pre-manufacturing techniques afford it heavy-duty resistance and an impeccable finish without hollows. It is 65 cm high, which, together with a RAIL RBR-50 -on plinth and handrails-, gives the walls a total height of 89 cm. Its broader design offers denser walls which, together with the total height of the baluster, means that safer balconies and terraces can be built.


    • Origin : SPAIN

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