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    Binova Kitchen island - Continua ch

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    Continua channel, the channel being the central element of this kitchen project, the starting point of the journey from product to global system. Channel, the symbolic definition of continuity, horizontal and vertical, not an element of style, rather a way of organising storage space, creating a landscape free of distractions, where the surfaces remain protagonists. The channel is dressed in the same finish as the doors, becoming one and the same, the complete absence of handles from the base to the wall units, through to the tall units frees the composition, integrated and at the same time distinct from the surroundings. The vertical surfaces play on two levels, the doors and the channel, horizontal for the bases, vertical for the tall units, two parallel planes underlined by a subtle play of shadows. The finish of the matt or glossy lacquered doors, as with the occasional or dominant wood essence, the strong contrasts or tone on tone variations, set the spirit of the combination, rich and sophisticated, pure and rigorous. The materials which complete the system, like the new stones, introduce a new material effect, where the rough finish of the surfaces involves both touch and sight. The extractor hood is also conceptualised using the same "language", a parallel plane with the wall unit doors, almost suspended, with discreet glass which magically illuminate the surrounding surfaces, the finish at once coordinated or contrasting which make the element integrated or protagonist, aligned with the bottom of the wall units when off and open toward to top when on. Preparing or consuming, two distinct moments, or rather two different positions for the body, once erect then seated, require two separate work surface heights, the counter top (h 91 cm) and the table top (h 74 cm). This is the ideal continuity for islands and peninsulae, with a counter top/table top able to change its height in response to the varying needs at different times. A telescopic electric base allows for positioning of the table surface at different heights. The integrated appliances typically inserted into tall units can only be seen when the kitchen is operational, only to disappear again into a new cupboard system with co-planar sliding doors. The appliances can be freely positioned giving easy access thanks to the internal modularity of these tall units. Continua CH is a profound project but light at the same time, preferring easy access with simple actions in a refined, essential, timeless context.


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Lacquered wood
    • Color : White
    • Style : Design
    • Designer : Paolo Nava e Fabio Casiraghi
    • Date of creation : 2009
    • Ref. Fab. : +39 075 809701

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