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    Binova Kitchen island - Unit

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    UNIT: Product philosophy and characterizing elements "UNIT" , a fashion product following the trends, changes and habits of daily living Our senses have not changed, but new technologies allow us to live new experiences. It is not about a distant, artificial dimension, only for a few, but of a realistic, close and concrete one. The time we have to live with the technology surrounding us in our own house is diminishing; so our need increases to find a multimedia convergence point in one of the domestic spaces where we spend most of our time. "UNIT", the new Binova kitchen understands this new way of living one's own domestic space and proposes a range of multimedia entertainment solutions: "Fun and entertainment in the kitchen" Listen to HI-FI music on MP3 or CD format, tune into a Radio or TV frequency, enjoy a DVD film, download recipes from the INTERNET,... "fun for kids and adults!" Another crucial element is COLOUR. The colour aspect is enjoying great commercial success in other retail areas such as electronics and specifically audio-visual systems. These technological products have sinuous shapes where white combines with transparent profiles on all surfaces and accessories thus becoming an identifiable characterizing element. In "UNIT" we have done away with the stereotypes that have for many years characterized most of the single kitchen elements, such as the counter-top, plinth, handles, hood , etc. and we have coordinated them. The "UNIT" project is introduced in just one version of white, as are many electronic devices. In "UNIT" , rather than the single elements, it is the whole, global image which makes a strong, unique and characterizing project. "UNIT" wins in comparisons with other kitchen products because it proposes an interpretation of living the kitchen in a brand new way, in full harmony with the latest trends. During this path, we paid the greatest attention in choosing materials and elements, using a modern interpretation in some kitchen spaces. For instance, the Top is in thick laminate with a sinuous shape, embellished by a high-resistance gloss finish and the door is in thick lamina edged with an innovative transparent edge, the result of Binova research. Unit is also available in other gloss laminate colours with the door edged on 4 sides in aluminium. Main features: "UNIT" is a monochromatic kitchen. Top; Doors for base, wall, tall units; back panels; plinth; hood; handle; accessories; sides; all in just one colour: WHITE. ? Door in thick glossy laminate edged with a transparent synthetic profile ? Binova handle with a new design in steel finish and in steel + white methacrilate. ? Wall hood with panels with same finish as the door. ? POD island hood in steel finish cm120 ? cm150 and painted white cm150 ? Spot-lights beneath wall units with very low voltage lighting LED provided with photocell switch ? Accessories white or steel coloured: Closed shelf Shelf with roll holder bar Knife-Holder shelf Spice-holder shelf Shelf containing stainless steel receptacle Shelf for oil, liquid-soap and other dispensers Audio/video multimedia shelves: Binova in cooperation with BOSE, the prestigious American multinational corporation, have set up a HI-FI integrated system for home entertaining. Shelf with BOSE speaker (containing small diffusers with a rich and full sound) Sound by BOSE is a BOSE trademark Shelf with MP3 reader (prepared with multimedia support and its infra-red remote control) Shelf with LCD Display (prepared to house a LCD display 7'' to watch images and filmed sequences)


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Laminated
    • Color : White
    • Style : Design
    • Designer : Ben+Design
    • Date of creation : 2009
    • Ref. Fab. : +39 075 809701

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