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    Binova Kitchen island - Modus cl

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    Modus: a project, a path. Modus is the result of a quasi-preliminary path that can be read in many ways. It is a kitchen that opens up toward the living room, composed of furniture and architecture. The name "Modus" has been chosen to tell the story of this project. It refers to the modus operandi, the method, and the interpretation that can be used in the kitchen area, or everything that revolves around it. Modus is not a final destination but merely a stop on a journey that is completely new every day. The architecture of interiors and the decorative environment Modus seeks to build a true relationship with interior architecture. It transforms a space rather than merely camouflaging it, changing the very meaning of "furnishings" into "architectural elements or components". Modus re-formulates the relationship between the kitchen and living room, re-defining these areas as a "living kitchen". The series re-works the typical meaning of the kitchen and living room as environments, transforming itself into architecture by becoming a representative symbol or an elegant and essential laboratory. Behind the curtains For Modus, Nava and Casiraghi were inspired by the theatrical world and stage, where characters alternate, appearing and then disappearing behind the curtains, but they also drew from the architecture of a story, as told by the set designers and the skills of the actors. Above all, Modus is based on the transformation of the space through the use of curtains. Therefore, the curtains have been conceived to turn the architecture of the kitchen and home into an architectural element that changes the perspective of space and focuses one's attention on the worktops. Modus makes it possible to remove conventional objects, allowing the worktops to express themselves with lightness, even eliminating the need for functional base or wall units. The curtains The curtains are new way of conceiving a functional cabinet/pantry. The curtain system and wainscoting can be integrated into the architecture of the kitchen area, making it possible to create partitions and connections with the living area. The modular panels create a system of columns that include functional elements, such as the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator, as well as open shelves that can also be used for the living area. The illuminated hood The new hood for the Modus line is no longer merely a functional cooking accessory but rather an illuminated, decorative element in the kitchen area. The hood is available in the island version and features acid-etched opaline screens that conceal a cool white light. The materials and surfaces The materials used in the Modus system have been selected to maintain its relationship with the ideals of wealth: the essence and expressive nature of wood, stone and steel. The series favours the environment over technical details. There are different surfaces for different materials... finishes and treatments defined to enhance the essence of each one, while completely respecting industrial feasibility: the depth of the brushed pore wooden surfaces, the quality and endurance of the 18/10 stainless steel plating ? highly refined, and technological, details. The Modus Line has two souls: Modus CL The CL (Classic) version is characterised by oak and teak doors with integrated handle. Modus HT. The HT (Technology) version is characterised by glossy and matte lacquer finished doors with handle carved out of the door itself.


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Materials : Stained wood
    • Style : Design
    • Designer : Paolo Nava e Fabio Casiraghi
    • Date of creation : 2008
    • Ref. Fab. : +39 075 809701

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