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    PANARIA CERAMICA Sandstone tile - Zer0.3 aisthesis

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    ZER0.3 comes from the innovative technology "Laminated Porcelain Stoneware" an outstanding process that allows the production of a very large and thin porcelain tile. A new ceramic dimension with many winning features: ? simple (in employment, in laying, cutting, cleaning); ? economic (ideal for remodeling existing surfaces without demolition, reduced installation-time and transportation costs); ? innovative (revolutionary production technology that gives to the product high aesthetic value); ? versatile (projects extensively customizable, different ways to use the material); ? ecological (production cycle that allows a strong decrease in the consumption of raw materials and emissions of CO2). Three different typologies for different types of employments: ? ZER0.3 (Thickness 3 mm) is an ultra thin and light slab made for wall tile application; is proposed in sizes 100x300, 100x100, 50x100, 4.9 x 100 cm; ? ZER0.3 PLUS (thickness 3,5 mm) is the fiberglass reinforced thin slab. It is flexible and resistant at the same time: it is ideal for the quick and inexpensive remodeling; is offered in sizes 100x300, 100x100, 50x100, 50x50 cm; ? ZER0.3 TWIN (thickness 7 mm) is a double-layer thin slab (joined together) made for any floor and wall installation (available in the big size 100x300 cm). Aisthesis, first collection that Panaria declines in laminated porcelain stoneware ZER0.3, is a product of great elegance, ideal for residential and in the most modern architectonic applications. Offered in five contemporary colors (White, Straw, Sand, Cocoa, Lava), this collection is enriched with refined decors inspired by the most precious fabrics. Thanks to the innovation ZER0.3, Aisthesis further increase its beauty and it is proposed like a complete offer able to seize new projectual perspective in the world of architecture and design. COLOURS: The range of colours available was inspired by Lecce stone, a product with extremely warm and natural shades, fundamental features of high-quality environments. There are 5 colour options: ? BIANCO: this is the lightest and brightest shade; ? PAGLIERINO: this is the light beige colour which makes natural stone so distinctive; ? SABBIA: a very trendy and architectural sand colour; ? CACAO: the name perfectly reflects the chocolate warm of this shade; ? LAVICA: this shade is reminiscent of anthracite and is the darkest colour available. SIZES: ? ZER0.3 (Thickness 3 mm): 100x300, 100x100, 50x100, 4.9 x 100 cm; ? ZER0.3 PLUS (thickness 3,5 mm): 100x300, 100x100, 50x100, 50x50 cm; ? ZER0.3 TWIN (thickness 7 mm): 100x300 cm.


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Color : Natural
    • Style : Contemporary
    • Pattern : Self coloured
    • Date of creation : 2009

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