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    PANARIA CERAMICA Sandstone tile - Aisthesis

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    SERIES/PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Aisthesis: Beauty and excellence come to life in Aisthesis. The modularity of the different sizes, the constant alternation of porcelain and single-fired surfaces makes of the collection a unique project for interior design able to give charm, balance, elegance and refinement to the house of our dreams. The main innovation is the different materials' synergy between porcelain and single-firing tiles: an unusual combination but at the same time an important contrast. The wall in single-fired tiles has been realized in order to match perfectly with the porcelain floor, and it allows to lay on the wall two different types of products for unique and alternative solution. The line takes origin from the Pietra Leccese, a product characterized by warm and soft tones. 5 colors are available for the floor: bianco, paglierino, sabbia, cacao and lavica; and 4 for the wall: bianco gloss, paglierino gloss, cacao gloss and turchese gloss. Everything is perfectly coordinated with the floor, they have solid colors featuring a light "web look", together with soft little dots, creating a "stardust effect". The collection is realized in a wide range of sizes (floor: 30x60, 30x30, 45x45, 60x60, 7,5x60 cm; wall tile: 30x90, 7,5x90 cm), decors and trim pieces. All sizes are rectified, perfectly modular with a thickness of 11 mm. The decors stand out for originality and refinement, from the sizes (30x90 and 7x90 cm) to the plays matt/gloss of the mosaics in which the contraposition of the different material creates delicate plays of light. It is proposed the honed finishes too. COLOURS: The range of colours available was inspired by Lecce stone, a product with extremely warm and gentle earthy tones, fundamental features of high-quality installations. The collection is composed of a selection of 5 colours in full-body coloured porcelain stoneware: ? BIANCO: this is the lightest and brightest shade; ? PAGLIERINO: this is the light beige colour which makes natural stone so distinctive; ? SABBIA: a very trendy and architectural sand colour; ? CACAO: the name perfectly reflects the chocolate warm of this shade; ? LAVICA: this shade is reminiscent of anthracite and is the darkest colour available. Wall tiles are available in 4 colours and 2 sizes (30x90 and 7,5x90 cm); as they are all shiny finishes, the name of each colour is followed by "Gloss". The fine lines in the base give the impression of a "cobweb", while the slight speckling creates a soft "stardust" effect: ? BIANCO GLOSS: extremely shiny and bright milky white; ? PAGLIERINO GLOSS: very light ? and extremely elegant ? beige; ? CACAO GLOSS: a brown/chocolaty shade; ? TURCHESE GLOSS: the name perfectly expresses the intense, warm light blue of this complementary colour, which can be combined with all the other shades. SIZES: Full-body coloured porcelain stoneware: 60x60, 30x60, 45x45 and 30x30 cm. Single-fired-tiles: 30x90 and 7,5x90 cm. DECORS (Single fired tiles): Two decors are proposed in 30x90 cm size: Fiori (in all wall tile shade) and Anelli. Fiore d'Argento and Fiore d'Oro are available in 7,5x90 cm size format, and Raggio d'Argento and Raggio d'Oro are stips of 2,5x90 cm. The Vintage decor (30x60 cm) and the mosaics (30x30 cm) complete the range.


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Color : Natural
    • Style : Contemporary

    The entire collection of PANARIA CERAMICA