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    PANARIA CERAMICA Bathroom wall tile - Exochic

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    PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Exochic: the aim of this collection is the elegance, desire to get away from it all, exploration of the marvellous. A new line to reinforce success in the Panaria wall tile program. The name is a combination of "exotic" and "chic", to recall the elegance and the exclusivity of this creation. A single-firing product characterized by a matt background, lighted by small, delicate, shiny petals, creating a soft weft that contributes to raise product intrinsic value. The coordinated glazed porcelain floor tile is offered in the 35x35 cm size. The series is available in 8 different colours named: Noir, Blue, Vert, Céleste, Rose, Beige, Lacté and Blanc for the wall tile; as well as Noir, Blue, Beige e Blanc for the floor. The wide range of decors (Arc-en-ciel, Fil doré, Mimétisme, Sauvage, Fleuri, Foulard) is noticeable for its originality and character. It is a call back of flowers and geometries able to reinterpret the contemporary living. The exclusive size (35x70 cm) makes the product ideal for modern residential spaces as well as trendy public places. The wide breadth of special trims gives to the series the completion needed by the multiple solution of the modern design. COLOURS: There are 4 colours for the glazed porcelain stoneware: Noir, Bleu, Beige and Blanc. Wall tiles are available in 8 colours: Noir, Bleu, Beige, Blanc, Celeste, Rose, Vert and Lacté. SIZES: Glazed porcelain stoneware: 35x35 cm Rect. Single-fired-tiles: 35x70 cm Rect. DECORS: Seven kind of decors are proposed: Arc-en Ciel (70x70 cm Rect and 35x70 cm Rect), Fil Dorè (35x70 cm Rect and 17x70 cm Rect), Mimétisme (35x70 cm Rect, 17x70 cm Rect and 8,4x70 cm Rect), Sauvage (35x70 cm Rect, 17x70 cm Rect and 8,4x70 cm Rect), Fleuri (35x70 cm Rect, 17x70 cm Rect and 8,4x70 cm Rect), Foulard (35x70 cm Rect, 17x70 cm Rect and 8,4x70 cm Rect).


    • Origin : ITALY
    • Color : Natural
    • Style : Contemporary

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