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GOLDDECOR - Skirting board-GOLDDECOR-Altberliner Profil

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Skirting board - Altberliner profil

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The GOLDDECOR Old Berlin baseboard creates a harmonious floor-to-wall transition and lends a stylish framework to every room. Especially well known and highly demanded for renovations of older buildings, this moulding is offered in solid wood in a height of 15 cm ? the perfect finishing touch for every wall.

At 15 cm, this solid-wood moulding is not quite as high as the other mouldings from our collection. Tastefully contoured, it gives every room an elegant, classic character. Because of its slightly lower height, it can be made from one piece.

Like all of our baseboards, Old-Berlin is produced in a small yet superb Berlin carpentry and is not made through mass manufacture. This means you receive an extremely high-quality, hand-worked product.

We deliver GOLDDECOR mouldings in standard white, ready for application of the prime coat by customers. The mouldings should be given a final coat after installation in order to conceal mitre joints and assembly areas, achieving a perfect, finished effect. This final step is quick and straightforward and allows you to have the color of your choice.

Small alterations and technical changes with respect to these illustrations and descriptions are possible.

product and additional information:

length: 2.8 m
weight: 5 kg
delivery time: approx. 7-9 work days

Product description Product description
  • Origin : GERMANY
  • Materials : Wood
  • Color : White
  • Style : Classic
  • Date of creation : 2010
  • Price : 15.90 € approx.   $

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