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    Walldesign Sticker - Dessins chimériques

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    collection «Dessins Chimériques » création Emmanuel lesgourgues Airy forms suspended through time and space. This is about the sensation one gets when looking at « Dessins chimériques » His drafting is so very precise, nonetheless his patterns vibrate. His structures deceive the eye, reassure our glance but then contradict it, carrying our eyes around a kind of random ride which is actually so well planned. Forms are uncertain, yet, they are inhabited and determined. Just like an evolutive body of components. Set one by one or assembled together, these adhesive vinyle patterns come to life on the wall, integrate the surface, slightly brush it, or just cast off the Wall. It all depends on the point of view, or the intention, or how our eyes rest upon what we see of it. 30 available colours 16 drawings to be assembled.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Vinyl
    • Style : Design
    • Designer : Emmanuel Lesgourgues
    • Ref. Fab. : DC

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