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    PLUS AND MORE Cellular panel - Alusion

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    *Alusion Sheet Products* Alusion is a cellular aluminum foam material produced as a continuously cast sheet using patented technology developed by Cymat Technologies Ltd. *Lengths The standard sheet length is 8ft€? (2.44m). Alusion can be cut to other lengths, as required. The maximum length is 12ft€? (3.0m) Widths Standard and maximum width is 4ft€? (1.22m). Alusion can be cut to other widths, as required. *Thickness* Standard thicknesses are 0.5"€? (12.7mm), 1"€? (25.4mm) and 1.7"€? (43 mm.).. *Cellular Structure* Alusion is available in two cellular structures or cell sizes, simply defined as small and large. Small and large cell Alusion foam offer differing visual effects and acoustic properties. Both are available in 0.5"€? and 1.0"€? thickness (12.7mm and 25.4mm). while only the large cell structure is available in 1.7"€? (43 mm.) *Product Versions* Alusion sheets are produced with a continuous skin on both sides of the sheet. This is referred to as Natural. The skin is removed to produce Open Cell versions. The skin can be removed from one or both sides dependent upon the use of the product and desired effect. These versions are known as 1S and 2S respectively. Large cell versions with the skin removed from both sides are also known as Alusion translucent.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Aluminium
    • Style : Design
    • Date of creation : 2010

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