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    PLUS AND MORE Decorative panel - Luminoso

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    From time immemorial, wood has been the stuff with which people have realised their dreams. LUMINOSO sets new standards. With LUMINOSO, a new era of wood as a resource begins. LUMINOSO is see-through. ? LUMINOSO is a specially developed wood composite panel, for which thin wooden layers are firmly glued together. Fibre optical waveguides are embedded between the individual wooden layers, which conduct the light. The high-tech fibre- optical waveguides are used worldwide for information technology. LUMINOSO uses this technology and influences translucency with different distances and strengths. Depending on the available fibre optical waveguide, the wood material lets daylight and direct sunlight pass through. Objects, images and shapes being placed between the light irradiation and LUMINOSO block the light and turn into creative shadow plays.


    • Origin : FRANCE
    • Materials : Wood
    • Style : Design

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