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TOOSHOPPING - Soda maker-TOOSHOPPING-Soda Drink Chromé Brillant

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Soda maker - Soda drink chromé brillant

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Selling Point

Necessary to prepare at home all fizzy drinks, sparkling water from the simple to a variety of sodas.

Quick and easy, fill the bottle with plain water, add syrup chosen if desired, install the unit and press the button gasification island is left is to savor your soda.

From the tap, the machine can make yourself at home in the sparkling water and carbonated soft drinks and delicious flavors at a lower cost.

The machine is ready.

Comes with a refill of CO2 gas at 60 bottles.

A PET bottle of 1 liter high pressure.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : FRANCE
  • Materials : Chrome
  • Style : Design
  • Price : 85 € approx.   $

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