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Zen Attitude - Burglar alarm-Zen Attitude-DASA 01 F

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Burglar alarm - Dasa 01 f

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-1 Central armored multilingual voice supervised CBS1000F with integrated siren alarm (power 110 dB) self-protection at the opening and pull-out, who, informed of an alert by the detectors, trigger devices deterrent and warning as well as his siren (double TwinPass radio transmission). This home alarm protects you from intrusion, fire and the domestic risks. It also protects the people. -1 motion detector which detects any moving person in the room where it is installed and report it to the central alarm, Diagral. -1 opening sensor which detects any opening and report it to the Central. -1 wall keyboard badge reader + 1 badge which allows control of the alarm by many users: stop, partial market, walk total.

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  • Origin : FRANCE

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