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Sonia - Bathroom furniture-Sonia-Duna

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Bathroom furniture - Duna

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Selling Point

Ephemeral Art is a furtiveness visual expression, energetic and harmonious on natural elements. As a draw produced by the wind leaving marks on the desert sand to erase or redraw, always the same pattern but never in the same way.

Duna was created to symbolize this energy and balance. A sinuous wave, natural and relaxing transposed to the design of bathroom furniture fully functional with a unique style and skill.

It comes in different colors: white as the radiant light of the morning, mink soft and warm at the same time and finally wenge with an exotic touch. All this manufactured with innovative and natural raw materials carefully selected.

Duna represents Design but and also Space. It features with two drawers that offer a good storage capacity. One of them is for bulky ware and an interior one for smaller staff.

Its polished stainless steel handle provides a cold look and contrast against the warming texture colors. And it gives at the same time elegance and convenience. In the same way, its fittings and fixtures quality ensures a pleasant and permanent feeling when opening and closing.

Duna subtle becomes evident because of being a wall mounted unit. As per the rest of its components, quality is based on this main skill, offering maximum safety, resistance and soundness.

The program is available in 60cm, 80cm and 100cm (24", 31" and 39"); the program has also a wall mounted side cabinet that was conceptualized with the same philosophy and comes also with two storage spaces.

Comfort and durability are associated together in Duna with the target of ensuring that everything in our life can be easier.

Duna is one of the new features in Sonia Universe portfolio.

Product description Product description
  • Origin : SPAIN
  • Style : Design
  • Date of creation : 2011
1 déclinaison product

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