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    Foliage - Flowers and Fragrances

    There is a wide variety of foliage present in nature, each with its distinct characteristics. Here are some examples of different types of foliage:

    • Evergreen Foliage: This type of foliage retains its leaves all year round and does not shed them in winter. Conifers, such as firs and pines, are examples of evergreen foliage plants.

    • Deciduous Foliage: Deciduous foliage plants shed their leaves during the winter season. Deciduous trees like maples, oaks, and birches are common examples in this category.

    • Lobed Foliage: Lobed leaves have deep lobes or incisions, creating a serrated or lobed appearance. Red oak (Quercus rubra) is

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    J-line -  - Artificial Foliage
    Artificial foliage

    Grass Boot + Flowers Green/Pink, plastic, Height: 77 cm, Width: 30 cm.

    Price upon request
    PARLANE - fougère - Artificial Foliage
    Artificial foliage


    Price upon request
    Verdissimo - aralia - Potted Foliage
    Potted foliage

    Commonly known as Angelica Tree. It is native to Asia (Japan and China) and the American continent. ...

    Price upon request
    Vegetal  Indoor -  - Artificial Foliage
    Vegetal Indoor
    Artificial foliage

    Végétal Indoor offers you to dress all or part of your walls in artificial plants. Having become a ...

    Price upon request
    Top Art International - eucalyptus - Artificial Foliage
    Top Art International
    Artificial foliage

    Eucalyptus brache, 30 leaves (grey-green) 86cm - PROMOTION

    Price upon request
    Déco Mundo -  - Artificial Boxwood
    Déco Mundo

    Artificial boxwood ball 2 Dimensions: DIAM 22 cm and DIAM 75 cm Suitable for outdoor use

    Déco Mundo -  - Artificial Boxwood
    Déco Mundo
    Artificial boxwood

    Boxwood artificial ball 9 diameters from 22 cm to 130 cm Color: GREEN - Trunk: WOOD Foliage: ...

    Déco Mundo -  - Artificial Boxwood
    Déco Mundo
    Artificial boxwood

    Artificial boxwood plates 50 x 50 cm Thickness: 8 cm - Width: 50 cm Length: 50 cm - Weight: 0.80 kg ...

    Artificial boxwood

    The Deluxe Boxwood Ball 40 cm protected from UV rays is made of high quality plastic. Thus, this ...

    HOMEN -  - Foliage

    Bring exoticism to your home with this beautiful palm leaf! OUR PALM LEAVES ALSO LOOK GREAT WITH ...

    ... an example of a tree with lobed foliage.

  • Lanceolate Foliage: Lanceolate leaves are elongated and narrow, with a shape resembling a lance. Oleander (Nerium oleander) has lanceolate leaves.

  • Palmate Foliage: Palmate foliage is characterized by leaves that resemble the shape of a hand, with lobes radiating from a central point. Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) is an example of a tree with palmate leaves.

  • Cordate Foliage: Cordate leaves have a heart-shaped form with a rounded base and a pointed tip. Rubber tree (Ficus elastica) has cordate leaves.

  • Variegated Foliage: Variegated foliage stands out with color patterns or marbling on the leaves, often a combination of green and white or cream. Variegated ivy (Hedera helix 'Variegata') is an example of a plant with variegated foliage.

  • Fuzzy Foliage: Some foliage has a soft and fuzzy texture, often due to fine hairs covering the leaves. Common sage (Salvia officinalis) has fuzzy foliage.

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